Sunday, March 25, 2018

Unable to Access Juno Email Account- Hurry and Talk to the Experts Now

Juno email is one of the most commonly used email account that allows the users to send important and relevant information from one user account to the other email account. At one time, the users can send a lot of information to multiple clients and that too in very less time.

Why can’t the users can’t access their Juno Email?

Sometimes , the users are not able to access Juno email. Listed below are the reasons because of which the users cannot access Juno email.

If the users do not have a remote access to an enabled account , then the users will not be able to access Juno email because a remmote access to an enabled acocunt is required.

If the remote access is disabled, then the users cannot log on to Juno email on the web, even if the user is not using the computer on which the user has disabled the remote access.

After the user has enabled the  remote access, then the users may try logging on to Juno Email on the Web again.

These are the reasons because of which the users cannot access their Juno email account. If the users face any issues, then the users may dial Juno Email Technical Support Phone Number to talk to the technical experts for providing the appropriate solution for the issues.

Know how can the users fix the issue:

The users can fix the issue of Juno email login by following the steps stated below:

The user needs to make sure that they have a proper network connection. A slow or interrupted connection can also cause the login problems. If the problem continues, the users can also try to open their  Juno webmail account in a different web browser.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Know about the Process for Resetting the SbcGlobal Email Account Password

Sbcglobal services provides free email facility to people from all around the world so that they can utilize their Sbcglobal email address and can process their email works. Sbcglobal email account can easily be set up by the user and further they can access it efficiently. The user should remember to provide an easy but a unique password so that their account doesn't gets hacked or misused by any unwanted threats.

On the other hand, still there are many times when the Sbcglobal email account user face several issues in accessing or signing in to their account because of their password and for this they need a reliable solution. Therefore, to solve any signing issue the best way is to simply reset the account password.

For resetting the Sbcglobal email account password or to change it, the user needs to follow the steps that are mentioned below. The user can even dial the SBCGlobal Tech Support Number for this and can get assistance from the trained technicians available on the phone lines.

So, to reset Sbcglobal email account password user needs to follow the given steps :

To change the password, firstly the user is required to go to the link that is mentioned :

After the user have opened this link they need to click on the mail menu that is mentioned at the right side of the page.

Further the user need to select on the sign in option and should enter the credentials for the sign in process.

In the email address or username option, user need to mention their Sbcglobal email address and in the password option they need to enter the account password.

Now the user is supposed to select on forgot password menu and should proceed to the next step.

The user then is required to select on Hi your first name menu and then should go on the Yahoo account info page.

By selecting on this the OLAM page i.e . the AT&T Online management page will be opened on the screen.

Now in that page the user need to mention their Sbcglobal email address and the password in the required space.

The user further need to enter the account details.

Lastly the user need to enter their current password in the old password menu and also their new Sbcglobal password in the new password option.

Hence, this is the method by which the user will be able to reset their Sbcglobal email account password. This method will totally enable the user to change their account password whenever they want to do so.

Besides, the SBCGlobal Technical Support Number is also available for the user so that whenever they face any problem in accessing these password resetting steps they can directly dial this particular number and can talk with the best technical representatives available on the phone lines. The expert technicians can be contacted at any hour of the day so that the issue is solved instantly and the user is able to sign in to the Sbcglobal email account without any further glitches. 

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

How May I Get Free Dial up Service by Using Juno

Juno email is an amazing emailing platform which provides so many features to its user such as Instant messaging,encryption and so on. It is user friendly so that it is used by many users in all over the world.

When you use Juno email account then you may get free dial up service. If you do not ow to get free dial up service with juno email account then you must take assistance from juno email technical support. Juno email technician will provide you best guidance to fix this issue.They will tell you how the problem will be resolved.For this you need to follow given below process.

Process to get Juno email dial up service:-

First of all you will have to go to the Juno email official website. Here you are required to click on the link that you want free Internet access.After that you will have to click on the Add to cart option which is given on the page. Now you will have to select check out. Every individual are required to create an account on it. Here you will have to enter some information such as title,first name ,address ,city name,zip code ,phone number and current email. Here you will have to click on the create new member id and password. Then You will see the two option such as Run this program from its current location or save this program to disk, here you will have to choose save this program to disk then click on the OK button. Now you will have to download the software.

After that you will find a local number for your area. Here you will wireless mode,broadband mode or dial up. You need to click on the dial up option. If you face any issue then click on the Help me choose option. Now you need to go to into windows dial up networking ,for this you are required to go to start option then control panel and select Internet options then connections. Here you will have to click on the Add option.

You will have to go in the dial up settings then enter username and password and click on the OK option.If you want to change any option then go to the properties option then select advanced option. By clicking on the advanced option you may change the settings of dial up connection. Now click on the OK button. You will have to enter the info that Juno has already provide you such as phone number,username and password.After all these steps you may use free Internet service.

How to reach Juno email support team?

This is the easy process which you can use for using dial up service but there may be some users who may not find these steps relevant then they are required to call Juno email support by getting  Juno email technical support number. Juno email provides highly experienced and certified professional who will provide you best guidance to resolve all the issue related to Juno email. You will not to have worry for anything as Juno email customer agents will provide you onsite support and remote support.You an avail help in many ways such as phone support,online chat support and so on.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Know the Importance of the Lenovo Technical Support for Every Customer

In today’s world, you will find a large number of companies that manufacture and develop several Hardware products. One such company is the Lenovo which has become a common household name from many years in providing the best quality laptops, PCs, smartphones, etc. Now, it's a certainty that you must be using one or more products of Lenovo because that's the reason why you are here. So, we assume that you must be aware of the fact that the users have to contact the Lenovo Technical Support whenever they have to face any kind of issues.

In this article, we will let you know about the importance of this tech support team so that you would become an experienced customer of Lenovo and along with that, you will become so proficient that you can solve most of the issues occurring in Lenovo products by yourself.

So, to start with the first and most important thing about this tech support team, it is kind of a saviour for a large number of users who are ignorant about the working of Lenovo products. If you also include yourself among such users then no need to feel ashamed because you would be able to get the answers of almost every query which is born in your mind regarding the working of Lenovo products.

The users are also provided with the URL of the online Lenovo blogs on which they can quickly get the troubleshooting solutions for the issues which they have to face. Moreover, they can so request the experts of Team to provide them with the video tutorials by looking at which the users would be able to solve that particular issue in the quickest possible time.

In case, if none of the above methods are accessible to you then there is a toll-free helpline number available to everyone user according to the particular region of a country. Same as this number, the online chat option is also provided to the users for performing the same purpose. Along with that, the last but not the least option for the users is to request the Lenovo Support Team experts to fix the issue by coming to their home and it will cost you nothing if your Lenovo product is under the warranty period.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Here are the Steps Involved in Resetting a Gmail Password

A group of users often ask about the steps involved in resetting the Gmail password. This piece of the write-up is ready to guide you in two different ways. If you follow the instructions, you can quickly reset your Gmail password. Here we go with the first one. The associates of Gmail Customer Service have beautifully described the steps. Let’s get into the complete process.

1.        Open and click on the [Can't access your Gmail Account]

2.        You will see the three different options like [I don't know my password], [I don't know my
            username] and [I'm having other problems signing in]

3.        Select the first; i.e., [I don't know my Password]

4.        You will be asked for your [Email address] now

5.        Submit the Email address that is associated with your Account, and then click on [Continue]

6.        Google will ask you [is this you]

7.        Please click [yes, Continue] to ensure that you do the operations

8.        Here you need to enter the [last password] you remember

9.        Click on [I don't remember] if you don't

10.    It will lead you to these two options [get a verification code on phone] and [get a verification              code on recovery email]

11.    Select the first to reset your Gmail password

12.    Submit the [6 digit Verification code] sent by Google

13.    You will be redirected to the password reset page where you can choose a new password for                your Gmail Account

14.    Enter your [New Password] and confirm [New password]

15.    Click on the [Reset Password] button now

Congratulations! You have successfully recovered your email account password. Now we will tell you the process of resetting your Gmail password by using six digits Verification Code which will be sent to your Phone. Let’s get into the second way of receiving the password

1.        Go to Gmail Homepage

2.        Click on [can't access your password]

3.        You have to enter your Gmail address now

4.        Click on [Continue] then

5.        Gmail will ask you [is this you]

6.        Click on [yes, continue] if you do the operations

7.        Enter the [Last password] you remembered

8.        Select the [I don't remember] if you don’t remember any password

9.        The selection of [confirm access to my recovery email] is urged to you now

10.    Google will send a reset password link to your recovery email

Now you need to login to the [Recovery email address] and open the [Google Account Recovery] message. The engineers recruited and trained by Gmail Customer Service now request you to click on a link below to reset your Gmail password. It will redirect you to the page which will allow you in resetting the New Password.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Get Related Details about Shaw mail and Some of its Major Issues

Shaw emails have been started by the Shaw communications company that is famous for providing products for communication. Be it telephone services, internet facilities, email services or anything. Shaw emails can be accessed easily by entering the email user name and the password for the account. Shaw emails are really famous in several countries and its email services are referred as the best one.

But, despite all this, Shaw email still lacks in several technicalities and because of which various problems occurs in this email. The issues that are faced are many a times very technical and are not solved by the users. So, for this purpose the Shaw mail Tech Support is contacted by the users. The technicians available are highly trained and are experts in solving all types of issues of the Shaw emails.

Therefore, below are some of the major issues of Shaw email :

creating Shaw email account issues.
Password changing issues.
Recovering the password issues.
Server configuration issues.
Deleting the junk emails from Shaw email inbox issues.
IMAP and SMTP issues of the account.

Hence, all these above mentioned steps are the major problems that keeps on occurring in the Shaw email. So, the users can directly talk with the technical representatives at any hour of the day so that these issues are solved as soon as possible.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How do I Add an Additional Gmail Account

Revolution in the information and technology world has seen a rapid rise in the change of human communication system. Currently we are in the age of digital revolution, where everything is just within the reach of a click and a tap on the smartphone. One of the key parts of this technological revolution which has deepest impact on our life is email. Email since the start of its invention has always remained and played a vital role in our communication system. We share our credentials, our narratives and our well wishes as well as our company's profile or promote a brand with the help of an email. It has truly became our most important mean of our daily communication. One such leading email service providing company in the world is gmail.

Gmail is one of the top email service providing company, a subsidiary of the technological giant " Google". It is world largest email service company with more than 1 billion user and millions user login each day to send billion of email message across the world. So if you are the owner who owns a gmail account or have recently sign up for gmail then you must have experienced the various service gmail offers apart from sending the mail. But despite giving great services, sometimes new
user forget or avoid to add  additional email address or recovery email address when they sign up. Recovery email address are quite important for security purposes of one's email. So if you are the one who forgets to add recovery email address then one can take the help from Gmail Help Number or follow some of these common procedures to create an recovery account to your gmail.

  • First of all, sign into your gmail account.
  • Click on the settings options tab and then further click on the settings.
  • Then further click on the Account and Import tab.
  • Then click on further to add an email address, if anyone don't have added any recovery. email address at the start of signing up for google.
  • Click on the edit link next to your current recovery email address to change it.
  • click save to make further changes.
  • Sign out the gmail account in order to review the changes.
  • In order to check whether your recovery account changes are made. Sign in your gmail account and click on the forget password. Gmail will ask you for where to send your recovery password link, whether on mobile or email.
  • Click on the email and a recovery link will be send to your given address.
  • Sign into the newly added recovery email address and click on the inbox to check whether you have received the recovery link or not.

But In Case, even after that one faces some issue regarding password recovery. Then one can directly contact Gmail helpline number by following these Procedures. First Go to google, click on the contact or then Click in the Gmail help center. Their technical team is supported by a trained individual with many years of technical experience in remote technical assistance to the user over a wide range of problems.Their 24*7 expert team will help you to solve the issue at the minimal time